Layland’s Around the World

  • 12 Countries, 41 days, 42,168 Miles

    This was our fourth trip around the world. We went in 2015, 2017, 2019 and now 2022. This was our longest one and obviously the one where our kids are the oldest.

    If you add up the days we have gone on these trips, plus the trip around the country in Harvey (our RV), we have spent about 6 months of our lives traveling together– which is always my favorite part of the trip.

  • Haleiwa Joe’s Haiku Gardens

    We all met for breakfast at 9am and then Brad and Dakota went to play tennis, Lynn, Max, and Wendy swam in the ocean, Jack talked on the phone, and Sydney and Carol packed.

    Last breakfast in Waikiki
    Jack enjoying his time on the hotel balcony.
    After packing our bags we met at the Hyatt lounge for sodas and snacks.

    We checked out of the hotel and then drove to Haleiwa Joe’s Haiku Gardens.

    The drive was beautiful
    We had to get there before 4pm when they open and wait in line.
    We got a table overlooking the majestic
    The kids enjoyed their virgin drinks.

    From Haleiwa Joe’s Haiku Gardens we left for the airport. Carol and Lynn are on different flights so we said good bye and headed to wait for our flight.

    Brad tutoring Jack in Algebra before we get on our flight to head back home.

    We are on our plane to Seattle. From Seattle we will fly to Orlando where we will meet the grandmas and drive home.

  • The North Shore

    The day started with a beautiful rainbow right outside our hotel room. (Thank you, Glama, Carol Kotkin for great photo!)

    We drove through the lush fields of Hawaii to the North Shore where we window shopped and had amazing shave ice.

    Jack, Dakota, Lynn (Dearma), Sydney, Carol (Glama).
    Max and Brad enjoying shave ice from the famous “Matsumotos”!
    Wendy imparting great knowledge to her son Jack. He slurps up the wisdom along with the shave ice
    Shave ice with mochi balls and sweetened condensed milk.
    We then went to Laniakea Beach to see all the sea turtles.
    It’s a great day
    It’s grand to be with the grandmas!
    Brad sits in a tree and views the sea turtles from afar.
    The exhilarating North Shore
    Next we went to the rainbow bridge.

    Jack did a flip off the rainbow bridge!

    Dakota enjoying a sit in the shade.
    We love to get burgers at Kua Aina Sandwich Shop! We come every time we go to the North Shore. We reminisced about our friend, John Carter Purtill, taking some of his first steps here sixteen plus years ago.

    We drove back to Waikiki beach and walked along the beach exploring the old hotels like the Moana Surfrider and the Royal Hawaiian.

    The entrance to the Royal Hawaiian

    We got dessert and then walked back to the hotel trying to soak in our last night in Hawaii, also the last night of our six week trip around the world.

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  • Craters, Catamarans, and Carol

    Brad, Dakota, and Sydney got up early and climbed all the way up the Ka’au crater.

    Sydney, Dakota, and Brad
    The views are amazing.

    All eight of us got together for breakfast and then we went on a catamaran ride!

    Sydney and Lynn with the Diamond head crater in the background.
    Carol and Brad getting ready to take off from Waikiki beach.
    It was very fun!
    Wendy and Max face the waves at the front of the catamaran.
    To celebrate Carols birthday we splurged on a luau!
    Brad and Carol at Germaine’s Luau
    Mai Tais with mom
    Dakota and Sydney got painted tattoos.
    Aloha Hawaii
    During a delicious luau we were entertained by all kinds of dancers!
    Happy Birthday to Glama (Carol)!

  • Great to be back in America

    We woke up pretty early and went to breakfast at 7 AM and then we piled it to the Honda Odyssey we rented and went to the Honolulu flea market.

    We then spent the afternoon doing various wonderful things at Waikiki Beach including going to the ocean, doing math, playing tennis and going to the pool.

    We ended the day by going out to dinner at the Chart house, which was lovely.

  • Freaky Friday

    We started the day in Sydney Australia. Brad had a call at 5 AM with a client. After his client called he did his weekly half marathon A few days early because this will be the last day we are in “winter.” The weather was in the 40’s for his run.

    It it’s not every day you run over the Sydney Harbour Bridge or by the Sydney Opera House.

    After getting up and going down to breakfast Brad got the chance to meet with one of the board members of one of his clients who lives in Sydney Australia.

    Look at the person on the left and that is Brad talking to Malcolm who is on the board of I see him

    After Brad‘s meeting when he went back to rest and Brad took the kids on a jet boat. This was an activity that Jack had wanted to do while we were in Australia. It was ridiculous and tons of fun.

    We then went back to the hotel and packed up to make our journey to the airport where we would fly on a 10 hour flight to Honolulu. Prior to boarding the flight Brad and Jack worked on math until Jack fell asleep.

    Because of the time change we left Sydney Australia at 7:30 PM on Friday and arrived at 9:30 AM, but also on Friday.

    After landing in Honolulu we went to the hotel and checked in. We were all exhausted. The good news is that Brad‘s mom and Wendy‘s mom flew to meet us in Hawaii so it around 2:30 PM they arrived and we pretty much instant went to Duke’s for dinner

    There is a 20 hour time change between Hawaii and Australia so today is a 44 hour day, which goes against the person who once said there’s only 24 hours in a day. As the sun is setting here in Hawaii we are all very tired and are heading to bed early.

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