July 3, 2022

Blue Hippopotamus

Today we made a commitment to get up in time to have the free breakfast at the Hyatt. It sounds odd but it has been hard to get up and be down at breakfast by 10 AM due to the six hour time change. we got to breakfast this morning at 9:50am… or Jack, Wendy, and Brad got to breakfast at 9:50 AM. The rest of the family slept.

After breakfast some of us went into Paris for an adventure. Wendy had planned an amazing day for us at the Sainte-Chapelle and the Louvre.

The cathedral was absolutely stunning and had 14 Stained Glass windows depicting Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, Judges, Isaiah, the life of Christ, John the Baptist, Ezekiel, the book of Judah, Job, the book of Esther, and the book of Kings. It was absolutely fabulous. Saint Chapelle used to contain 22 relics of the passion of Christ including the fragments of the holy cross and the crown of thorns, but those relics are now kept in the treasury at the cathedral of Notre Dame.

Stained Glass in Sainte-Chapell

Following our time at Saint Chapelle we went to Starbucks. It was nice to go to someplace familiar for our afternoon cup of coffee.


Then we went to the Louvre where Brad bought a book called “The Louvre in 90 Minutes.” It was the greatest way to see and understand some of the greatest works within the museum.

The Louvre

One of the last things we saw at the museum was the blue hippo. It is 3500 years old and it’s from Egypt. When people were put in their tomb a blue hippo was put there as a symbol of life and rebirth. It was really cool.

We went back to our Hyatt and made dinner in our room, and are hoping to get to sleep by midnight.

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