July 4, 2022

Château de Chantilly

The Fourth of July started this morning with our usual: Brad checking e-mail and exercising and everyone else sleeping till noon. Max and Dakota are still feeling under the weather so Brad, Wendy, Jack, and Sydney headed to Chateau de Chantilly. Wow! Is it beautiful!

We learned so much about French History as we walked through the chateau and then took a train ride around the grounds. We went to the cottage on the grounds and ate the delicious crème de Chantilly with strawberries and cake.

It was another beautiful, sunny 78 degree day in France. After six hours at the Chateau we headed back to the hotel. Brad, Wendy, and Sydney went to the local mall and had burgers and fish. The day ended with Brad tutoring Jack in Algebra and everyone relaxing at the hotel. It was a good Fourth of July learning about France’s history. After all, America wouldn’t have a Fourth of July without the help of France!

Driving around the French countryside is always a pleasure.
Château de Chantilly 2022
Chateau de Chantilly 1781

Château de Chantilly was destroyed during the French Revolution and rebuilt by Henri D’Orleans in the late 1800s.

The art collection is second only to the Louvre.
There was a monkey room where the walls and curtains were completely devoted to monkeys dressed up in human clothes (Apparently, that was a thing in the 1700s).
Brad and Wendy listen in English to a guided tour.
The inside of the cottage.
The cottage
Jack eating the famous crème de Chantilly!
Brad and Sydney walking along the canal at château de Chantilly.
Château de Chantilly is absolutely breathtaking!
Dinner at the mall with Sydney.

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