July 9, 2018

Day 13- Jackson Hole and Jenny Lake

Everyone except for Brad slept late on Saturday (Brad went to the gym).. but after everyone got up by 10AM… 

After eating breakfast in the RV, we went to Teton Village where we rode the Tram up to the top of the mountain…
After getting to the top of the we hiked down a path from the top pf the mountain. It was a good 2 mile 5 mile hike… even though it was hard– it was beautiful. 

After the hike we ate lunch at the top of the mountain– then we went on to Jenny Lake, where we took a boat to go to “Hidden Falls” and “Inspiration Falls”. 

Hidden Falls was “hidden” in that as you walked down the trail you could hear it but couldn’t see it– you just kept walking and you could hear it, but you could not see it– then all of a sudden, there it was!
After the hike at Jenny Lake, we went back to Jackson Hole and walked through the park where there are the world famous “Antler Arch”
We then went on to have dinner at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.
 The kids enjoyed Fondue for the first time!

We ended the evening with Jack riding a buffalo

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Of course you ended the evening with Jack riding a buffalo!!

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