July 19, 2018

Day 21- Leaving Hume Lake

 Day 21- Leaving Hume Lake
As we were driving up the mountain to Hume Lake, the check engine light came on the RV started to run rough. It seemed like the RV was not firing on all cylinders. When we got to Hume Lake the mechanic at the camp said it probably needed a new ignition pack and it would probably make it down the mountain. We were scheduled to drive to Canada after leaving Hume Lake on Sunday (about 1100 miles) so we called our Canadian friends and told me them were not going to make it and instead we rented a room for Sunday at the Marriot in Fresno and prepared to hunker down to wait for how ever long it would take to have the RV fixed. I had spent a bunch a time on Saturday trying to figure out where to take it and no one was very positive– the local RV place said they had an opening to get it fixed in 6 weeks. 
I woke up on Sunday morning feeling stressed about the whole situation, but I had my Quiet Time and during my time with Jesus I prayed the following prayer:
“Check engine light is on, Lord help us make it Fresno. Jesus would you please fix our RV– either miraculously or help me to find someone to fix it today. If not, Lord, give me the patience to find someone to fix it tomorrow.” 
As I sat having my quiet time I felt the Lord tell me it was going to be OK and that I should stop at the first place that is open as I drove down the mountain. I went on to enjoy an amazing 5 mile run around Hume Lake…
We packed up our bags, and put the California sticker on the RV

Ask we drive down the mountain we passed a small repair shop with their doors open– it was so small that I drove past it– but then I remembered God’s words to me– to stop at the first place I came to… so turned the RV around (which is no easy task) and I pulled into the shop. I explained what was wrong and Mark (the owner) and Les (the repair man) came and looked at the RV. Not only did the quickly figure out what was wrong, but they actually had the parts… The immediately then went to work and fixed it. Within 1 hour we were back on the road with a fixed RV. 
The amazing part is that the repair shop was next to a pizza place (with an arcade) so we had lunch while the RV was being fixed. 

Since the RV was fixed we cancelled the hotel, called our friends in Canada, and started the 1100 mile journey. 

Beautiful scenery– and we ended up the night in Grant’s Pass

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn't a lot of stuff be better if we decided not to worry, said a prayer, took a run (surf, walk, nap, etc.) and let it work out?Great Day!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So true!

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