July 20, 2018

Day 22- Oh Canada…

We woke up in Washington, started driving, and stopped only twice to get gas till we got to Canada! 🇨🇦. Of course the one place we did stop had a “Dilly Dilly” hat– which made us thing of the Family Camp we had this year where Wendy and Will said “Dilly Dilly” all the time. 
We were so happy to get to the O’Learys!!!!!!
Jack was especially happy to get there because he has a special bond with Carol
Carol immediately jumped in the pool with all the kids and they did handstands and played Jump or Dive. 
It had been two years since we had visited Mike and Carol at their beautiful home in Surrey, Canada. They moved there seven years ago so that Mike could be the president of Young Life Canada! 
It was so nice to sleep in a bed again!  We all slept so well.

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