July 22, 2018

Day 26- Seaside, OR

Friday, July 20th we played Marco Polo and sketched in sketch books and then headed over to our friends Jay and Jan Barbers. 
The kids were thrilled to meet their Welsh Terrier named Trudy. 
They treated us like Kings and gave us Kristy Kreme doughnuts!
We cooked hotdogs over their fire pit. 
Jack was in heaven with sparkling cider in one hand and a puppy in the other. 
Jay is the mayor of Seaside and Jack was so excited to meet a mayor!
Jan showed us the community garden that she helped organize. 
Then we went to Hug point and explored caves– Hug Point was especially interesting because back 100+ years ago there were no roads up the coast so the stage coaches and cars would drive up and down along the beach to go north and south. This rock– was so big that even with the tides they couldn’t get around it so they had to blow up the rock to create a road around the rock. Here is a postcard showing and old car using the road and then the picture of us on the road. 
Exploring caves and the area around the caves was tons of fun!
Jack and Sydney found crabs and sand dollars. 
It was a beautiful day on the beach!
After leaving the beach we put the top down on the jeep and drove back to Seaside
We went to Norma’s seafood restaurant for dinner and while we waited for our table we went to the arcade to play games. 
We had a fabulous day in magical Seaside with the wonderful Jay and Jan Barber.

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