July 24, 2018

Day 27- Leaving Seaside

Seaside was great but really it was great spending time with our friends. Jay and Jan (plus their adorable dog Trudy). Here is a picture of Brad and Jay spending time by their fire pit…

On Sunday morning Brad woke up early and jogged 9 miles on the beach in Seaside

Jay and Jan were so sweet and bought each kid a Seaside shirt– which our children proudly wore!
Max was so sweet to wash the RV.  After almost 4 weeks, it really needed a wash. 
Max and Brad went to Camper World and bought a new AC unit for Harvey, the RV. I took the Dakota, Jack, and Sydney to Panda Express. 

We were going to go to Yosemite but the fires made it so we couldn’t go, we decided to head to Redding. 
We stopped in Weed, California to go to Grocery Outlet. You can see the haze from the fire in the background. 
There were no hotel rooms opened anywhere because of people evacuating due to the fires. We were fortunate to get an RV spot. It was a hit night but we were thankful.  

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