August 11, 2018

Day 40- Home

We realized that we we were on our trip around the country for as long as Noah was in the Ark. It brings a whole new meaning to the concept. 

Here we are getting ready to board the plane in Albuquerque, NM

As we arrived in Orlando the sun was just coming up– as we took the redeye home…
And here we are arriving in our driveway.
We drove about 8K miles in the RV. We drove about 1500 miles in the Jeep. We daw amazing things and we learned how to live in a 31 foot RV together for 40 nights. Right now the trip feels as hard as it was amazing. Over time I am confident the tightness of the RV will be forgotten and the joy of the discovering America together will all that will be remembered. 
Upon coming home most people want to ask us what the best part was– for me (Brad) it was getting to spend 40 days together with my family without having to go anywhere. 
Next year– another trip around the World. 

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