July 5, 2018

Day 8- The Road

We woke up early Monday morning, left Wisconsin and drove and drove.

We drove till we got to Edgely, ND where we stopped and had ice cream at “The Freeze.” Why did we stop at Edgely? Our dear friend Emily Leighton after graduating from Flagler lived in North Dakota to do an internship for Young Life. She liked the sound of Edgely and decided that if she ever had a son she would name him that. Fortunately her husband David Johnson agreed and they now have a 15 year old named Edgely so we had to go because we love Edgely!!!!

We got back on the road.

We stopped when we got to North Dakota and did cartwheels!


We then drove to a very remote campground in Pollock, made dinner, and watched the “Swiss family Robinson.”  That night the wind blew like crazy, 35 mph winds! We thought we were gonna get blown away. The clouds were black and we looked for twisters, but then the winds died and we went back to sleep.

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