August 20, 2015

Disney Tokyo! 8/20/15

Today we are celebrating Josh’s birthday at Disney Tokyo!  Jack was so excited to get a bill for 1,000 yen. Little does he know it’s worth only about $10. People love to dress up as twins in Japan, so Dakota and Sydneys matching shirts were a big hit. Sydney and Jack have been receiving a great deal of attention throughout China and Japan for Sydneys blonde hair and blue eyes and Jacks dark skin and curly hair. 

We all got to go on the Indiana Jones ride… It is a good thing I had seen the movie as the whole ride was in Japanese!
And for those who are from St. Augustine, note that there is a Barnacle Bills in Tokyo Disney!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We love barnacle bills! You have to send this to them!

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