June 24, 2022

Selfie with Jesus

We arrived in Rio de Janeiro onetime. We went to the arrival lounge and had free breakfast. After having breakfast Max and I went to find the rental car, while Wendy, Dakota, Jack and Sydney relaxed in the lounge. After picking up the car we drove to the Grand Hyatt in Rio. Our room was not quite ready so we went to the lounge and enjoyed some pastries.

Enjoying Pastries at the Club

When we checked into our room– we were upgraded to the Presidential Suite. The hotel is very beautiful. Max, Wendy, and Sydney went down to the beach while Dakota, Jack and I spent some time in the room. I went on an amazing 3-mile run along the ocean.

Running along beach

Rio is a combination of Miami, Hawaii, and the South of France. It is just lovely!

At 2pm we left the hotel and went to the Jesus statute. We rode a cog railway up to the top of the mountain. It was more magnificent than we were expecting.

Riding the train to the top

When we got to the top the statue of Jesus was amazing and we just had to get a selfie with Jesus.

Selfie with Jesus

I have found Jesus

Max Layland, June 24, 2022
I have found Jesus

When we came back to our car there was a very aggressive person who wanted to pay him for watching our car. We did not pay him, so he got pushy and eventually threw a rock at our car… quite dramatic, but not as dramatic as the traffic was as we went back to the hotel.

We ended the day eating food at the club and then heading back to our room for an early night. Of course Jack and I worked on math for a couple of hours– but we are all going to bed early as we are exhausted from the red-eye we took here.

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  1. Irma Avatar

    I’m enjoy watching. The Beautiful family pictures God Bless you guys

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  1. Irma says:

    I’m enjoy watching. The Beautiful family pictures God Bless you guys

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