July 27, 2015

1,000 things to be thankful for

Thankful list:

Over the last 37 days we reached half of our goal, but we are going to keep adding to our list because being thankful is a good way to be:)
505.  Getting to hold the sleeping one year old on the airplane while his mom used the bathroom, (pure joy)!
504.  The lady at the library validating our parking ticket even though she didn’t have to:)
503. Librarians!
502. That the kids got to work on their summer reading lists while at the library yesterday 
501.  Baby toes
500.  Even though we didn’t make it to 1,000, we counted out 500 gifts during the past 37 days:)
499. Rainbows
498.  Expandable suitcases
497.  Two daughters with long hair that I get to braid every night. 
496. Dakotas eyelashes. 
495. That I didn’t let fear stop me from this trip. 
494. That my children were not kidnapped and sold into human trafficking. 
493. For no run ins with ISIS. 
492. Eye masks
491.  For individualized movie screens on flight, everybody is happy!
490. Mommy is thankful that there are no screaming babies currently on the flight. 
489. Sydney is thankful for the earth. 
488. Jack is thankful that we get to sleep in our own beds. 
487. Dakota is thankful that we get to go home tonight. 
486. The decision to be thankful
485. Good decisions
484. PopPop
483. Grandy 
482.  Max is so helpful with all the children 
481.  That Brad and I still like being with Brad and I. 
480.  That our kids still like being with Brad and I. 
479. Getting to go to the American Girl Doll store yesterday and Sydney and Dakota doing a little bit of shopping. 
478. American girl dolls
477.  The California farmers market
476. That Sydney forgave me when I dropped her ice cream cone on the ground at DisneyLand. 
475. All the rides we got to go on at DisneyLand
474.  The amazing seats we got to watch the electric light parade from
473. The chance to see another electric light parade
472.  The California breeze
471. On time plane flights
470. Health
469.  Not a single item stolen and only a few cheap items lost. 
468.  Safety this whole time. 
467. My husband planning this trip around the world. Thankful for every hotel, car rental, and restaurant reservation that he booked months in advance. 
466. My husbands blue eyes that match the blue waters of Waikiki
465. Time
464.  Time to be away from the children 
463. Time to be with the children 
462.  Favorite books from childhood filled with colorful art, envoking happy memories
461. Time to spend in big, fancy , old libraries
460. Big, fancy, old, quiet libraries
459. Nachos 
458. Brussels sprout chips
457. Huntington Beach 
456. A great last meal together at Dukes in Huntington Beach
455.  Surfers
454. The beautiful Pacific Ocean
453. Medicine
452. Doctors
451. Jacks bubble gun and how happy it made him
450. Mickey Mouse ears 
449. The perfect weather for DisneyLand
448. DisneyLand
447. The beautiful roses in California 
446. The wonderful time with Kristen, Josh, and Olivia!
445. Sunglasses
444.  This past 4 1/2 weeks to spend with family. 
443. Money to spend on new shoes and backpacks for school when we get home. 
442.  A home to come home to. 
441. The beautiful dancing in Hawaii
440. Scavenger hunts
439.  Pancakes cooked in butter, hot out of the pan with real maple syrup. 
438. Water
437. Water to swim in
436. Water to drink, especially water with cucumber and mint. 
435. Pineapples
434. Waikiki beach
433. The amazing crystal clear water on Waikiki beach. 
432. Codey, the guy who rented us surfboards, carrying our boards to and from the beach. 
431. Floating on a surfboard with perfect temperature water, watching my kids with diamond head in the background. 
430.  Max surfing by me at Waikiki beach. 
429. The weather in Hawaii
428. The free luau show 
427. Our key worked when we were trying to get out of hotel parking lot today. 
426.  Dakota found her DS that had been lost for four days!
425.  The kind strangers on the plane who gave us two sandwiches when we were hungry. 
424. Blue sky with puffy clouds
423.  Even though Brad has a cold right now, he will get better
422.  Phineas and Ferb
421.  Strawberry shaved ice with vanilla ice cream 
420.  Matsumoto, a happy fusion of Japan with Hawaii
419. The trees in Hawaii and how they spread flowers all over the ground
418.  To be back in America
417.  The smell of fresh leis
416. The wonderful greeting we received at Aulani
415.  Accountability
414.  Toby Mac on Pandora which keeps me moving
413.  The jog this morning 
412. We missed the flash flood on Waikiki beach
411.  A washer/dryer in our room. We never have to wear dirty clothes again!
410.  Dakotas sandcastle made out of Starbucks cup. 
409.  Sydneys sandmen she made at Waikiki beach
408.  The kids jumping in the waves at Waikiki beach and Jack and Max immediately making friends. 
407.  Waking up to a beautiful day in Hawaii! 
406.  Al Layland and that he was such a great Pops!
405. We got to eat at Dukes last night! It brought back happy memories of when we ate their with Brads dad when he lived here. 
404. The “T1L1” conference meeting went so well this morning!
403.  The weather in Japan was overcast when we went to Disney which was perfect for a day at the park!
402. Thankful for the Hyatt place at Waikiki. 
401.  Thankful that the Barista at Starbucks in Waikiki made us a pot of Verona rather than making us drink Pike coffee.
400. Irma pulling our grill out of the pool when the storm knocked it in!!  
399. Our house didn’t get beat up too much in the storm. 
398.  That we arrived in Hawaii safe and sound!
397.  Time on the plane to remember all the good that God has done. 
396.  That it’s only rained on us once (when we were in Sydney, Australia)
395. The fresh waffles that they served on sticks in New Zealand 
394.  Gelato
393.  Fresh crepes with Nutella
392.   Dakota and Sydney’s matching Disney shirts
391.  Max is thankful for Pringles
390.  Fancy espresso machines
389.  The smell of freshly cut limes 
388. Naval Oranges
387.  My husband Brad Layland, who loves me enough to confront me. 
386. Tabitha Gatewood, that she is my friend
385. Holding hands with Jack on the plane
384. Chris Curl and that he found Patty!
383.  Josh Curl and that he has found Christian community in Japan!
382.  Aimee Curl, her commitment to music.
381.  Jenny Curl Gornto, it’s better to go through life with an older sister who I can learn from. 
380.  Brad and Lynn Curl, they gave me life and brothers and sisters. 
379.  Friendship
378.  Steve and Fran Godfrey
377. Beth Purtill, she’s awesome
376.  That we didn’t get in an accident. 
375. The staff of GNC
374.  Good News Church
373.  Shelter, food, and clothing
372. Macadamia nuts
371.  The smell of suntan lotion. 
370. New toothbrushes and toothpaste
369. That my children can take themselves to the bathroom. 
368.  Looking up at the beautiful trees on waihaki island. 
367.  That we are on our way to America!
366. That we don’t have to fly any more red eyes
365. Laughter
364.  The delicious cheeseburger at Burger Fuel with beets and avocado. 
363. The fire to make us warm
362. For Snow Planet in Aukland! It was a wonderful place for all the kids to get better at skiing
361.  That Brad and I got to have a date at the bar in Aukland
360.  For the view from the Cove Restaurant 
359.  That Brad worked so hard to plan all the details of this amazing vacation 
358.  For my delicious Winter salad at the Cove restaurant
357.  For the blankets that they gave us to keep us warm as we ate dinner last night. 
356.  Jack says he’s thankful for Max
354. Max says he’s thankful that he got to play on 3ds, watch movies, and that Jack shared his snacks with him on plane
353.  That our children were Ok even after both Brad and I fell asleep on the forty minute ferry ride. 
352.  For the amazing zip lines through the island
351.  Dakota is thankful that our hotel was close to the airport so we could sleep in this morning
350.  Cold, draft beer with hot, thick cut fries
349. The Cove restaurant in Waihiki island off New Zealand
348.  A latte with soy milk 
347.  Waking up on my own, alone time this morning
346.  A hot shower last night, comfy bed, sound sleep
345. Sydney is thankful this morning for hot chocolate 
344.  A spot of tea 
343.  So thankful to wake up in New Zealand and see the sun rising on the mountains. 
342. That Wendy, Max, to go to Jack and I slept 10 hours last night.
341. That our hotel in New Zealand is .2 miles from Starbucks.
340. That Max and I went to Dubai 2 years ago and b/c of that trip I have Gold a status with United, which got us into the New Zealand Club.
339.  Thankful that we got to go inside Sydney Opera House
338.  Thankful that we got to go to zoo, aquarium, and sky tower in Sydney
337.  Thankful that the Americans were able to stop a massacre on the French train. 
336.  Max is thankful that we are in time for our flight from Australia to New Zealand. 
335.  Dakota is thankful for the cake at the sky-club 
334. Sydney is thankful for Aunt Di
333. Jack is thankful for Lukas
332.  The kids getting their picture taken with Koala bears today. 
331.  Brad and I getting to jog to Sydney opera house and back
330. Kiwi martini, apple cider, and stir fry vegetables and rice at United sky club in Australia
328.  The sound of rain and the comfy bed as we slept last night. 
327.  The cooler weather
326.  Jack having a belt made for him at the Sydney flea market
325.  Sydney’s “I love Sydney” t-shirt
324.  The quiet time Brad and I got to have together on the balcony of our Sydney hotel. 
323.  The kind bartender who exchanged  $20 into dollar coins so I could do all our laundry!
322.  Nice bathrobes and slippers
321. Smartphones
320.  Ravi Zechariah
319.  Hillsong church and the joy and warmth we experienced there. 
318.  People who fight against human trafficking 
317.  Fareed Zakaria’s perspective
316.  Chocolate
315.  Hot French fries
314.  Thin crust Pizza
313.  Really disgusting airports and bathrooms because they make you appreciate great airports and clean bathrooms. 
312. The jacuzzi overlooking Sydney opera house on top of the hotel. 
311.  Getting to read a September 2015 Australian Vogue magazine while kids played in the pool. 
310.  Australian accents
309.  The beautiful Sydney opera house
308. The amazing hotel room that Brad got us!
307.  Brad and Max getting to walk on top of the Sydney bridge! 
306.  Getting to wash all our clothes in Sydney
307.  The amazing dinner we had at the Argyle last night. We sat on sofas and the food came quickly and was so delicious!
306.  13 sweet hours of sleep in Australia last night!
305.  The sound of the baby talking Chinese on the plane the other day
304. Indonesian airlines being so nice, they even gave the kids stuffed animals
303.  Manners
302.  Splash mountain
301.  The electric light parade
300.  Finger nail clippers! What a gift when you really need them!
299.  Ginger ale
289. Consommé with veggies
288.  Sky club in Japan
287.  Japanese toilets! They are the best
286.  Clean clothes!!!!
285. That the food was so cheap in Japan
284.  Our hotel room in Japan
283.  For such a great time in Japan
282. Being able to check-in online for our flights to Sydney Australia 
281. Walt Disney and his vision for all of this.
281. FastPasses at Disney
280. The water fruit show at Disney Sea
279. The table to sit at while we wait for Wendy, Max, Josh, and Jack.
278. The Rasberry Mickey Popcicle at Disney
277. Carmel Popcorn
276. Not ever having to fly on China Eastern Airlines ever again.
275. Plain Cheese Pizza for lunch
274. Getting to go on the 10,000 leagues under the sea ride again at Disney Sea (they closed it in Orlando 20 yeas ago).
273. The cute little towels they sell Tokyo Disney Sea
272. Getting to run today… 
271. That we got out of Shanghai
270.  Nespresso machines
269.  Forgiveness
268.  The cooler weather in Tokyo!
267.  I am going to heaven!
266.  Even though I am jet lagged and sleep deprived I have tons of energy
265.  That everyone ate their lunch today. 
264.  That I have brothers and sisters
263.  That we got to see Josh in Japan on his birthday!
262.  The Haagen Dazs ice cream on air China flight
261.  That Sydney’s backpack was not stolenwhen she accidentally left it in airport bathroom in Shanghai. 
260.  The language of thanks. If the only word your learn in a language is “thanks,” you can get by. 
259.  The French language, the pause to greet and say Bon Jour!
258. Lovely British accents
257. Beautiful cab ride to Hong Kong
256.  Adorable Chinese children 
255. When we were stuck in Shanghai, news of Hudson Bailey’s safe arrival (mark and Amy Baileys son). 
254.  When we were stuck in Shanghai there was a sofa at the airport that I slept on. 
253.  That they upgraded us to first class on ferry to Hong King for no reason. 
252. That the kids loved the Kung fu training and Qube. 
251.  That everywhere we go, everyone knows English, even the signs are in English!
250.  A happy, kind waiter
249.  A really yummy salad at the Hard Rock Cafe last night 
248.  That Brad and I won $600 gambling in Macau last night
247.  A positive attitude
246.  The girls pigtails, so cute!
245. Meeting Arthur and Melissa
244. Sydney is thankful that she’s not throwing up and for the Gatewoods. 
243.  The freedom to think what I choose
242. Any act of kindness
241.  That we have made it this far
240. Smiles 
239.  Burping, it’s such a gift when you feel nauseous. 
238.  The kind lady in China who took one of my bags and carried it up the staircase to the plane ramp. I was feeling so sick and I felt this soft hand reach and take my bag. I was so grateful for this act of kindness. 
237.  Exercise
236. My husband, he’s the best!
235. Thankful that everyone is healthy
234. Suntan lotion, none of us have burned. 
233.  Red wine, this is the drink that Jesus asked us to remember him by and I think he made a very good choice. 
232.  Animal Planet, all our kids love it and it’s on in every country. 
231.  That I grew up Christian in America and not Muslim in Dubai. It’s like the women are invisible here. 
230.  Breadsticks dipped in dark chocolate and pistachios!
229. Peanut Butter Powerbars… I haven’t had one in 25 days… Still thankful for them.
228. The Starbucks in the Atlantis
227. Getting to watch Suits and Last Ship via Amazon Prime last night 
226. Free Happyhour at the Atlantis
225. Janaye Lowe
224. Tony Dungy’s devotional for Aug 14th… God never cuts you from his team!
223. Wendy and I getting the kids to sleep by midnight (given the fact that for the last two nights we got them to sleep by 2am)
222. This beautiful suite
221. Smiling manta rays
220. The aquarium at Atlantis
219. Sushi at bfast
218.  Couples massage this morning. 
217. Thankful that I didn’t get arrested for indecent exposure in a Muslim country when my bikini top slipped off after crazy river! (yikes!)
216.  Reading for pleasure! What a gift!  Just finished ” Power Thoughts,” very good read. 
215.  Thankful that I don’t have to work on my thesis anymore!
214. The waterpark at Atlantis! The lazy river turned into the crazy river! So much fun. 
213.  The sushi at dinner!
212. The nice man who met us at airport to drive us to hotel. 
211. Sleep
210.  The Eiffel Tower, it is so beautiful!
209.  That Carol and Marv caught their flight back home to Miami. 
208.  I’m thankful that when we were in Venice the “gentlemen” that took Carol and I’s bags when we were crossing over the bridge in Venice gave them back to us even though they were unhappy with Carol’s American money. 
207.  Crisp, cool mornings, warm, clean laundry 
206.  Beautiful weather!
205.  Getting a great parking spot at Louvre and Eifel tower
204. The arch de triumph
203.  The flower flooded windows and streets of Paris
202. Getting to sit in a cafe in Paris and have a cup of espresso with Jack
201.  Clean laundry! We did laundry today and no one stole our clothes 
200. Swings on the top of the Eifel tower
199. A loving husband who planned a meal on the Eifel tower months in advance. 
198.  The amazing meal on the Eifel tower. 
197. We got to see the Mona Lisa!
196.  For not having to wait in line for tickets at the Louvre
195. Sue Ellen! For so many reasons! But most recently, for finding and sending jacks birth certificate and our tickets to the Louvre. 
194.  The beautiful day in Paris!
193. Shoes
192.  Jack getting to meet the gymnasts on the cruise ship
191.  Cool weather in Paris, in the 70s, Aah!
190. Getting to take the kids out for sushi on cruise ship. 
189.  Clean socks
188. Gods unconditional love
187.  The nespresso maker in the hotel room in Paris, oh how I love that foam!
186.  No one is sick
185. Our cars have started every time
184. A day to rest 
183.  Not being left by the cruise ship in Dubrovnik.  As soon as Carol got on board they lifted the gang plank and started the engines. We had no idea we were late!
182.  Getting Marv on and off boat in Dubrovnik. 
181. Kind pizza man in Genoa, Italy
180. Cold Fanta and Coke on boat
179. Eating Ice cream while sitting on seawall of Dubrovnik
178. Dragon telling Jack he needed to return hermit crabs to water
177. The eight hermit crabs that Jack found
176.  The piece of pottery that Max found in the sand
175.  Thankful for crystal clear water In Dubrovnik
174.  Thankful for Dragon, our boat driver in Dubrovnik. He loved family and took good care of us. 
173. Successfully completing the 8 hard tasks that had to be completed on 8/8 to get the 8 of us from a cruise boat in Venice to a hotel room in Paris.
172. Getting into our rooms in Paris and sleeping 8 hours.
171. Finding our hotel in Paris
170. Driving the rental car into the taxi lane to pick up Marv because he couldn’t walk and NOT getting a ticket.
169. Making it to Paris and finding the rental car center 
168. Getting upgraded on the flight from Genoa to Paris so that Marv could sit at the front of the plane.
167. Getting to and finding the Genoa airport in time to make our flight.
166. Getting a 9 passenger van to drive from Venice to Geneoa
165. Finding a van to take us to the airport to pick up our rental car.
164. Getting off the ship at the earliest disembarkment time.
163.  Getting everyone packed and out of rooms on the cruise by 8am
162.  The amazing day in Dubrovnik!  
161.  When the wind was at our back when we were rushing to walk back to port in Greece. 
160. The ginger ale that Carol gave me last night when my stomach was upset.
159.  The ability to taste. Yesterday my silly lactose-self drank orange juice on an empty stomach, drank a cappuccino, ate two yogurts and a cheese plate.  I was miserable with stomach cramps for the rest of the day. I didn’t eat dinner because I was racked with pain. Today I woke up so thankful for the ability to taste and eat!
149.  Thankful for Turkish hospitality
148.  Grateful for wine and conversation with Brad at the end of the day
147.  Dakota, Jack, and Sydney dancing on stage last night. 
146. Vlad, and all the other kid care people on ship
145. Baklava
144.  Fresh squeezed cherry juice and Turkish delight
143.  Lunch at the Ritz Carlton in Istanbul. 
142. Tour bus
141.  Grapes growing above our heads in the streets of  Istanbul. 
140.  Finding a Starbucks and pharmacy in Istanbul!
139.  The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. Jack was telling Suzanne, our tourist guide, all about them. Suzanne said that Aslen is the Turkish word for lion. She was intrigued that Edmond asked for Turkish delight. She said she liked the sound of these books and she would read them to her daughters. 
138.  My hair, even though it’s thin and frizzy and I feel as though I can’t do much with it, I would be very sad if it all left
137.  Theological discussions
136.  European Orange Fanta, it is the best. 
135.  Pink and green coke cans in Turkey
134.  The early Christians and how they fought against slavery
133. The virgin Mary’s obedience to God that the whole world is blessed by. 
132.  Ephesus being rediscovered and the beauty of second chances
131. Suzanne, our tour guide
130.  Kind people
129.  Glamas birthday cake

128.  Chocolate croissants 
127. Waving our napkins in the air at dinner while the waitors brought homemade tiramisu to our table last night
126. Espresso
125.  Awesome rental car
124.  Getting to visit Mount Olympus, the place that Dakota had just studied in school. 
123.  Breakfast on the balcony overlooking Greece
122.  My cotton pajamas
121.  Carols birthday
120.  Getting to cut lines because Marv is in wheelchair
119.  That Marv has strained muscles that can be fixed and nothing neurologicsal or fatal. 
118. Max making friends
117.  Jack winning all four dance competitions
116. Sydney winning 3rd place in drawing contest  
115. Childcare on cruise ship, the fact that Dakota, Jack, and Sydney can all be together. 
114. Cafes and thin streets
113.  Baby giggles
112.  Old churches, smiling priests, dads walking with their sons. 
111.  That Max had a great attitude while we lugged luggage all around hot Bari looking for a laundrymat on the Sabbath. 
110. Cobbled streets of Bari
109.  That Jack likes exotic food like mussels, oysters, steamed fish and that he orders them and waiters are incredulous that he eats every last bite. 
108.  People who are trained to help handicapped people!  I could have kissed the man who wheeled Marv on the cruise ship. Instead I gave him 10 euros. 
107.  Gandalas
106. Venice! The beautiful floating city!
105.  Wheelchairs, Marv twisted his knee prior to coming on trip and has needed scooters and wheelchairs. This enables us to cut long lines. 
104. Thankful for first class train tickets with amazing views. 
103.  Joyce Meyer and the book , “power thoughts ” that I am now enjoying reading 
102. Dakotas and Sydney’s sweet hugs and kisses.
101. Carol and Marv helping with the kids
100.  Walking down the streets of London and Milan. 
99.  The ability to walk. 
98.  The beautiful fashion and people of Milan. 
97.  That everywhere you go in Europe, there is amazing coffee and espresso!
96. Hot water 
95.  Clean clothes
94. Campers, they are fun
93. Smiles
92.  Gods love and Grace that we don’t deserve but gladly take:)
91.  The amazing lion statues at the cathedral Duomos square. 
90.  The way the Cathedral Duomos turned pink as the sun was setting and the golden statue on top was ablaze with light. Thankful that Max had to use the bathroom at the Mc Donald’s so I could take the time to watch that amazing sunset. 
89.  Italian Alps
88. For the trenitelia train 
87.  For beautiful Italian countryside
86. Thankful that Dakota got a cool Passport at worlds fair
85.  Thankful for a good nights sleep last night. 
84. That all my children can go to St. John’s Academy
83.  Waking up and having some alone time this morning 
82.  Carol bringing me coffee this morning
81. When the children get along and show kindness to one another
80. The way Jack takes care of Sydney
79. The way Max takes care of Marv
78. Drinking wine, eating crackers and cheese in hotel room and watching “Suits” with Brad in hotel room at night. 
77.  Hotel had cool ottomans 
76.  It hasn’t rained on us once!
75.  Chocolate crepes!
74.  The scooter for Marv at World Expo
73. That everyone is healthy
72.  A slower pace in Europe
71.  Carol and Marv being here
70. The amazing Peligrino fountain at Milan Expo!  Free water for all!
69. The train stop being so close to the hotel in Milan.
68. Free Apples at the Westin in Milan
67. The energy to run in Milan
66. Chocolate Gelatto for Sydney
65. The mobility center at the worlds fair with rental scooters
64. The breeze, that always reminds me of the Holy Spirit’s presence. 
63.  Chocolate 
62.  Gel manicure, my nails look great after a week!
61.  Fantastic nights sleep
60.  The worlds fair!
59.  That Glama and Grandpa made it safely to Milan!
58.  Baby giggling in the above ground train in London. 
57. New socks and underwear
56.  Melissa McCarthy
55.  Amy Schumer
54.  That we can all see and hear. 
53.  That we were reunited after being separated at London subway when our cell phones both went dead. 
52. Second chances!
51.  That Sydney reminds us that we can take a taxi. 
49.  That we’ve made all our connections.
48. Duvets at hotels
47.  That it hasn’t rained on us. 
46.  Good, hot coffee 
45. That Max is such a responsible older brother. 
44.  That we got the best table at “The Locale” restaurant in London! Delicious pizza and salad. 
43.  Funny movies in plane
42. Cold, brisk, London weather, a retreat from the Florida heat.
41.  That we were able to retrieve Dakotas backpack from airport after she had forgotten it. 
40. Our children all being amazing when we woke them up at 11pm FL time (4am London time) to get to Gatwick airport.
39. Getting to Gatwick Airport ontime 🙂
38. Cell Phones to connect to home with
37. Max
36. Fish and Chips
35. The ability to grab a taxi
34. Google Maps to navigate around London
33. T-Mobile having “no international data charges.”
32. Not getting in an accident while driving on the “wrong side of the road”
31. The Arrival Delta SkyClub in London (showers are awesome)
30. Kids going to bed at 7pm without a fight 
29. The London Museum being free
28. Sherman the service dog
27. Clear membership
26. Noah Brownells hand me downs 
25. Shoes
24. Legs
23. Delta Sky club
22. My family 
21. Airplanes
20. Thankful to go on this amazing adventure
19.  Air conditioning 
18.  Chicken pecan salad at sky club
17.  Good health
16. Seven amazing years with Gatewoods as our neighbors
15.  Irma! (Nana)
14.  Dakota and Sydneys beautiful braids
13.  My amazingly thrifty husband who planned this trip  and cuts coupons each week 
12.  Jesus
11.  Thankful that true happiness comes from Jesus and not a bottle of Coca-Cola:)
10.  Art
9.  Anne voskamps book “A Thousand Gifts”
8.  Kelly Negvesky, who gave me the book, but most importantly gave me friendship:)
7.  The Bible
6.  Freedom
5.  Funny Minions
4.  Laughter
3.  Love!
2.  That the boarder patrol in UK let us through with Jack 🙂
1.  Fish and Chips 

*please note that this list is not in order.  Obviously Jesus, family and friends come before Sherman the service dog:)

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    LOVE reading this… Hearing Brad's voice and Wendy's voice in my head and knowing he did not give thanks for sushi. Yay 377!

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