August 12, 2015

8/12/15 a day to Dubai for!

Last night we flew in at midnight and we were met by a very nice man from the hotel who drove us and gave us chilled bottled waters, which was great because we are literally in the desert! The city is so modern I felt like I was in the movie Tron.  Today we slept in late according to Dubai time. I awoke to a city that looked more like a movie set for a Star Wars film. We ate breakfast and explored the Atlantis hotel. Then we did the waters slides which were super fun. Dubai is a Muslim country, so modesty is the ideal, which is kind of refreshing.  I still don’t know how some of the women dress entirely in black and have only their eyeballs showing. It’s got to be so hot.  Maybe they have fans underneath there.  Maybe tomorrow I will ask one of them. Maybe one of them is Julia Roberts or Michael Jordan in disguise!  Maybe they are magicians!  They seem kind of regal and mysterious. Anyways, Dubai has been very fun and relaxing. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The little wave design in the wooden doors is very cool! Meanwhile the beach looks empty – what do Muslims wear to swim? 🙂 Beth

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