September 3, 2015

9/3/15 heading home!

Yesterday we met up with Brads sister, Kristen, her husband Josh, and their daughter Olivia. Their one year old son, William was at home napping with sitter. The kids got along great and immediately took off their shoes and started doing cartwheels on the green. California is having one of its worst droughts ever.  The grass has died and people are painting their lawns!  The paint made the kids feet green:). We had a fantastic lunch at the farmers market and then went to the American Girl Doll store to do a little shopping. So great to see Kristen and her wonderful family!  Next we went to the library to do some reading while Brad went to skid row to help one of his clients. The kids worked on their summer reading lists and I explained to them what card catalogs are, or were. We met up with Brad and then went to beautiful Huntington Beach and walked on the pier.   We watched surfers and fishermen and then had a delicious dinner at Dukes while the sun went down. Then we went to our hotel room for a good nights sleep before we flew home. 

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