June 27, 2022

Angra dos Rios

We woke up and went down stairs for breakfast without Brad as he was swimming laps in the pool. The water was super cold so when he met up with us a breakfast he was shivering so much the food would not stay on his fork. After breakfast we headed off for our boat trip at Angra dos Rios. It was a two hour drive and Brad did an amazing job driving/navigating through Rio.

We got in the boat and stopped at the islands. The first island we got out and swam and explored. The water was amazingly clear and we got to collect sea shells and Jack did back flips by the water!

Brad did not get out as he participated in his weekly staff meeting with The FOCUS Group on the boat.

Our driver then moved us to a place where we could feed fish. Let me emphasize, there were about 500 fish. Minimum. Fish to the point that you couldn’t move your arms and feet without sending a school hurtling in the opposite direction, firing little currents of water back your way. Add goggles and 15 ft of crystal clear water between two deserted islands. THAT is vacation!

Dakota, Max, and Brad braved the cold to explore a cave.

We went back to the marina and explored the neighboring town…. Max went to Max burgers and got burgers!

Brad furiously and fiercely drove us back to the hotel in time for us to get food at the hotel. We enjoyed some appetizers and socialized with some of the people at the lounge to finish off a very packed and incredible day.

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