July 12, 2022

Checking out the Czech

We woke up in Berlin, had breakfast, and then headed to the train station for our four hour ride to Prague.
The German countryside was beautiful to see from our train window.
We got off the train and it was just a short walk to our hotel.
The artwork here is very different.
I miss the art from France.
Is that Chewbacca or Lady Godiva?
I like to think Aslan is watching over the children as they sleep.
We had dinner at the Red Stag. Everything was so delicious! We licked our plates (except for the radishes).
While we waited for dinner we had a competition of who could flip their drink coaster the most amount of times.
After dinner Wendy walked with the kids to see the astronomical clock.
The square was having a jazz festival.
We had fun waiting at the old town square for the clock to ding 9 o’clock.
You can see the Bohemia
Jazzfest in the background.

Different saints came out of the window to bless us at the top of the hour. We walked back to the hotel and stopped in to look at different shops. Our tummies are so happily full of Nordic yumminess.

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