June 1, 2019

Day 1- 5/30/2019- Leaving on Our 3rd Trip Around the World

Day 1
Thursday May 30th, 2019
We left our home in St. Augustine at 3:30am for the Orlando airport.
We flew to San Francisco, ate lunch at the airport and then flew to Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦! Wow was it beautiful! The temperature was in the high 60s. We rode bikes in Stanley Park and ate dinner outside by the bridge. There were huge trees, blue skies, and snow capped mountains! Quite a change from the Florida heat. We were all asleep by 8pm that night.

In the Orlando Airport, prior to us flying out we ran in the Mowery Family heading to Belize.

Lunch in SFO

Dakota in Stanley Park

Max and Jack looking at lions bridge

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