July 13, 2018

Day 17- Leaving Idaho…

Idaho has been the first place we’ve been to without mosquitoes which meant we could set up outside and enjoy the weather! Idaho is lovely, the weather is so mild that many Californians are moving there. 
In the morning we did our sticker ceremony! Yay Idaho!
Brad got up early and went on an amazing run along the greenway in Idaho– who knew that there was a beautiful river running through the city…

After Brad’s run he went on to meet with one of his other clients in Idaho, The Association of Classical Christian Schools so we went to the Idaho Botanical Garden and Jack was in heaven under a mulberry tree. There were so many mulberries! They were delicious. 
Here are the kids with Sacajawea in the Lewis and Clark Native Plant Garden. 
We then went to “Elmer’s” because I was so excited to see that they served German pancakes! It was delicious!

At around 3pm we left Idaho and started the 500 mile journey through the desert to Reno, NV

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