June 23, 2019

Day 18- June 16, 2019

Day 18, Fathers Day!
We celebrated Fathers Day fourteen hours before America!  Brad ran 18 miles while the kids and I slept and then we had breakfast at the beautiful Park Sydney Hyatt. 
Brad opened lots of cards and the kids gave him socks. 

Dakota got whatever Sydney had and so she rested while we took a tour of the Sydney opera house. We learned so much!  

After that the six of us went to the Celsius Cafe. Brad found it when he was jogging. It is located on port Jackson in Kirribilli and serves the most delicious food and coffees.

Brad had to meet some clients so we headed back to the hotel. We stayed in for the night because Dakota wasn’t feeling well so I got food at the grocery and we had dinner in our favorite hotel in the world!

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