June 24, 2019

Day 22, June 20- Singapore

Day 22, June 20

Max planned a great day for us, but before we went out Brad took an 8 mile run in Singapore. He came back exhausted due to the heat and humidity…

After breakfast we took the subway to Gardens by the Bay which has a ton of stuff to do! First we ventured through the cloud walk which houses the largest indoor waterfall!  Then we saw all the flowers! 

We then went to the top of the Marina Bay Hotel and had a delicious lunch by the hotel pool at Spago’s (a Wolfgang Puck restaurant), which was on the 58th floor!

We window shopped at the mall by the marina and then took a cab to our hotel to rest and enjoy the pool. Brad took Jack on his first visit ever to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Jack loved it! 

Then we headed out to see the lights at the Gardens by the Bay. The light show was synced to the music of the movie, “Toy Story 4. “ We the subway back to the hotel and got ready for bed. Singapore is so beautiful and fun. We think we will be back again!

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