June 26, 2019

Day 24, June 22- Big Buddha in the Sky

Day 24, June 23
Max and I started the day by finding a place to do laundry. It was fun to walk downtown and explore the city. In the afternoon we went to The the Big Buddha in the Sky. Brad always joked about the big Buddha in the sky but I didn’t know that it actually existed. We rode a gondola 🚡 over beautiful tree covered mountains and waterfalls to get there. We were parallel with the planes ✈️ taking off from the airport we were so high!  Through the clouds we saw the huge Buddha! 

To my surprise when we got off the gondola there was a 
little town with a Starbucks and 7-11!  We climbed the 

many steps to get to the statue and then ate delicious gelato. The views of the water from the top of the steps were beautiful!  

We traveled back to the hotel and the kids went to the club to have dinner and Brad and I got to go to the Foreign Correspondence Club with Ray and Gail from ICM.

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