June 28, 2019

Day 26, June 24th- Leaving Hong Kong

Day 26, June 24th
A lot of people have asked how the protest in Hong Kong was for us. When we flew into Hong Kong we took two separate taxis to the hotel. Max, Jack, and I went first. Our taxi driver was very aggressive , knew of a back road, and got us quickly to the hotel. Brad, Dakota, and Sydney took the second taxi and the taxi driver brought them straight to the thick of the protestors and said in broken English “I can’t go any further, get out!”  So Brad and the girls had to get out with their suitcases into a very hot mob of people and find their way to the hotel. Fortunately the protestors were helpful and finally a Hyatt person noticed Brad and the girls and offered them help. So, yes half of our family experienced the protest going on in Hong Kong…

Monday morning we woke up at our hotel in Hong Kong close to the airport and boarded the plane for Amsterdam. It’s an 12.5 hour flight! Fortunately, Brad was able to get us all into first class. The kids love it! Ok and we don’t mind it either. We flew Royal Dutch Airlines. The salt and pepper shakes look like little Dutch shoes, too cute! We got to Amsterdam and settled in at our hotel by the airport. 

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