June 28, 2019

Day 28, June 26- Nairobi, Kenya

Day 28, June 26- Nairobi, Kenya

This is Sydney writing… We woke up in Africa in a comfy hotel. We got ready to go downstairs to have breakfast. There was a delicious buffet. After eating the buffet we met someone who works with one of Dad’s clients— Japeth, who works for Because International. They make shoes that grow. He shared with us about how the shoes are made and how they give them to children who don’t have shoes. He also shared about how he grew up in the slums and it is by God’s grace that he has such a great job helping other people.

After meeting with Japeth we packed up to travel 3 miles to go to the Historical Hotel in Nairobi called the Norfolk Hotel. This is an important hotel because lots of people have been to this hotel before the go on a Safari just like did… people like Theodore Roosevelt, Earnest Hemingway, and Winston Churchill. We enjoyed the hotel. We have three giant rooms and room for all of us. While at the hotel we ate a scrumptious lunch. I had a Margarita Pizza (as did Max and Dakota), Jack had sliders, and Mom and Dad had burgers. After lunch we went to the pool while Dad did some work. We had a great time. 


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