June 28, 2019

Day 29, June 27th- Heading to Lewa

Dakota here, us Laylands arose early in the Fairmont hotel to be sent off with packed breakfasts to a small domestic airport. After being on a ginormous 747 aircraft with 2 stories, it was quite a comparison boarding the extremely small aircraft holding only us Laylands, two other tourists, the pilot and co-pilot.

We then flew over the beautiful Kenya National Park and right past mt. Kenya and landed in the Lewa reserve. We then drove to the place to get our race packets.

While we were there jack witnessed a sneaky monkey climb down from a tree and steal bread. After everything was sorted out and we all had our race packets for the marathon (run by Brad), the half marathon (run by Max) and the children’s 5k (run by me), we trekked in jeeps to the paradise-like Sirikoi lodge to a house with 3 bedrooms and a lovely living/dining space.

After settling in we ate  lunch on the outside deck…

We ventured off through the reserve and into an African school where we got a tour of the library and classrooms filled with well behaved children. Before leaving we had the pleasure to watch and participate in some African dances by the kids. My dad thought it was funny that they had the “fruits of the spirit” next to the sign explaining the female reproductive system.

We then headed over to the top of a hill where there was the manyagalo water project which drastically altered the the area around the hill in amazing ways.

Then we came back to the lodge to chill and enjoy the surroundings before going on a game drive to spot animals. After the scenic drive filled with fantastic animals including water buck, gazelle, zebras, and giraffes, we ventured up a hill to watch the sun set over the spectacular safari.

 Then we headed back to the lodge in the dark to discover a leopard, which we assumed was a rare sight when the driver started to take  photos too. We then had an amazing dinner in our dinning room and went to bed.

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