July 2, 2019

Day 33- July 1st, Leaving Kenya

Everyone slept in, except for Brad who returned email for 4 hours. We then exercised in the gym, did laundry, and had breakfast at the Hilton Garden Inn.

At 11:30am we left for the airport. It was a real treat to get to fly on Ethiad airline in first class. The first flight was a 6 hour flight to Abu Dhabi, we had a 5 hour layover and then we had a 7 hour flight to Paris.

The second flight was also in first class, so we all had seats that fully reclined into beds and an area of the first class section where you could go an socialize on a coach— Crazy…

We woke up, they served us breakfast and it was the first time we have ever had a cappuccino on a flight , and by 8am on 7/2 we were in Paris!

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