August 1, 2018

Day 34- Mountain Lions and Crab Legs

We stayed at a great KOA in L.A. that was close to Universal. We woke up, did laundry, swam in the pool and headed out at noon to travel to Vegas. Before heading out– Brad went on his “long run” of the week– 11 miles in the the dessert was hot… and then he saw a sign that said he should watch out for Mountain Lions…
The cool thing about the KOA in LA is that they gave us a free continental breakfast… first free breakfast on the trip. 

Driving through the desert was very hot. Harvey’s AC was losing the battle against the summers desert heat. We stopped at a mall just to get a break from the heat. 

Finally, we arrived in Vegas!
We promised Jack and Sydney we would find all you can eat snow crab legs and we found them at the Bellagio. 
They were happy. 

We stopped to observe the chocolate fountains…
And the water fountains!
It is 115 degrees in Las Vegas, but I think our sweet little Harvey will keep us cool tonight. 

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