August 2, 2018

Day 38- The Grand Canyon Railway (and the Grand Canyon)

Brad made us all a wonderful breakfast. 
We watched a shoot off at 9am. 
Then we boarded the train to go to   The Grand Canyon!

It was a 2 1/2 hour ride. They told us all about the animals in the Grand Canyon. 

There were a great deal of live entertainers. 

They kept us entertained the whole trip. 
When we got off the train we boarded a bus and saw the Grand Canyon! It is so awe-inspiring!

Brad and I went to the Grand Canyon before we were married. The Canyon has not changed… 
We went out to lunch
Jack loved this $70 hat. I told him it was too pricey. 
It started to rain so we played board games inside. 
My favorite view at the Grand Canyon!
We did some window shopping at the Hopi House. 
We got back on the train to go back to our RV. 
Brad splurged and got us the dome seating to go home in. They gave us sparkling cider!
Jack and Sydney made friends with the kids on board. Here they are playing charades. 
More live entertainment!
Brad and Max played Cards
Then there was a train robbery!
We got back to Harvey and there was a rainbow. 
Brad made us all dinner. It’s our last night in Harvey, the RV. Tomorrow we fly home.

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