July 1, 2018

Day 5- Travel day and dinner with Tom Lin

Day five was one of our longer travel days. We left our campsite in Kentucky at 6:30AM and embarked on the 501 mile journey to Madison WI. Madison is one the way to Three Lakes, WI where we are going to Ted and Debbie Rodger’s cabin– but when we realized that we were going to be driving through Madison, we reached out to the President of Intervarsity and asked him if he and his family would like to join us for dinner at Sugar River Pizza. In Madison we stayed at Babcock County Park which was a delightful side of the road park. At Dinner with Tom– he ended up just bringing his youngest daughter– Livy. Livy and Dakota connected after Livy did Dakota’s hair.

River at our Park
Swans at the Park
Dinner with Tom Lin and Livy @ Sugar River Pizza
Dakota’s Hair

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just LOVE to see your Smiling faces!!Love your hair Dakota!! Have fun!!Love & Miss you Glama

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the hair!

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