March 27, 2016

Dinner at the Sunspot

For dinner we went to the top of the mountain and while eating we asked the kids about their least favorite and favorite parts of the day…

Least Favorite: The smell in the Gondola
Favorite: skiing down the big mountain
Least Favorite: climbing down the mountain after going up to high.
Favorite: dinner
Least Favorite: falling while going fast down the mountain
Favorite: going fast on the slopes
Least Favorite: Going slow on the mountain where I had to push
Favorite: following Sydney down the mountain when she was the leader.
Least Favorite: when Dakota fell
Favorite: dinner at the Sunspot while the sunset. So blessed to have this family and have the money to do stuff like this. Thank you Jesus!
Least Favorite: When the kids argued in the room after skiing
Favorite: dinner at sunspot and skiing with all my kids

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