June 30, 2022

Disneyland Paris

Brad got up early to do his work and exercise and the rest of the family slept till noon. They only got up because Brad woke them up.

Brad and Jack did their math and the rest of the family slowly got ready. We left the hotel at the crack of 3 PM to head for Disney

On the way to Disney we stopped at IKEA. Not because we needed meatballs, although most of the family meatballs, but because we needed linens for our camping experience after we leave Disneyland.

We spent about an hour in traffic driving to Disneyland but eventually we arrived at the Davy Crockett resort, which is France’s version of fort wilderness. We checked into our cabin, which really is just a single wide trailer and then we headed for the park.

It was a cold day, meaning it was about 60°, but the rains had stopped and the crowds were light so it was perfect to be at Disney!

After arriving at Disney, Jack was scheduled to take a math test, so the first thing that we actually did at Disneyland Paris is find a place for Jack to talk to his math teacher. Jack got a 100% on his test. Apparently he should always take test while at Disneyland. After Jack took his test we immediately went straight for space Mountain. Space mountain at Disneyland Paris is amazing because it goes upside down twice! It is space mountain with the Star Wars theme and it was epic.

Afterspace Mountain we went to the Lucky nugget saloon for dinner. It was delicious, partially because we were all very hungry.

Following dinner Brad went to have a focus group call and the rest of the family went on the Phantom mansion ride and the buzz light-year ride.

We ended the evening by watching the illumination show, which was absolutely amazing. It was in fact a magical day at Disneyland.

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