July 22, 2022

Exploring the death of King Unas and the life of King Jesus

We started the morning with breakfast and then our guide met us to take us to another pyramid and see some Coptic churches.

The Funerary Complex
of King Unas
The hall of columns
We traveled down into the pyramid.
It was filled with hieroglyphics.
We then went inside the tomb for, Idut, the daughter of King Teti.
The inscriptions inside her pyramid were beautiful, so colorful and showed scenes from every day Egyptian daily life.
Here is the birth of a baby hippo (unfortunately a crocodile looks like he is going to eat him)
We got in the van and went to the place where Jesus lived when he was exiled to Egypt.
The church of the cavern.
Dakota walks down to where the holy family lived for three months.
Inside the Cavern church.
You can see where they cut down buildings to make room for the highway. The only rule in driving in Cairo is that there are no rules.
We took Ubers to the airport and now we are waiting for our plane to Johannesburg.

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