July 19, 2022

I kissed a sphinx, I liked it!

Max kissing the Great Sphinx of Giza.

We woke up this morning and Brad was swimming laps in the pool just outside our hotel room.

We went down to breakfast and Sydney was ready to go on our adventure!

Our tour guide, Bebo, picked us up at the hotel and we headed to the pyramids of Giza!

Bebo was great and showed us all around Cairo.

Bebo showing Max how to get good energy from the pyramid. We then crawled down inside!

We were all a little startled by the empty tomb.
Then we crawled out. It was a very hot day.
Then we suited up to ride camels. Bebo is helping Dakota with her shawl.
We rode camels!
All six of us got to take a camel ride. It was amazing how much cooler it was when we got up on the camels. We could feel the breeze.
It’s a great day!
The camels were really sweet. One rested his head on Wendy’s lap.
Our guide keeps asking if we were happy and we kept saying yes!
Jack holding the pyramid.
We took a ton of photos!
It was a blast!
Next we saw the Great Sphinx of Giza!
Then we went to a local restaurant for lunch eating traditional Egyptian food. It was delicious.

After lunch we went to a place where they taught us how to make papyrus and then we went to a perfumery where we bought oil to fix everything that could possibly be wrong with our skin. We will see how it works.

Happy Laylands

After the perfumery we went back to the hotel and jumped in the pool, had snacks, worked out in the gym and of course Brad tutored Jack in Algebra. The day exceeded our expectations. It was so wonderful to see the pyramids and learn about Egypt’s great history.

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