June 28, 2017

Kalibo, Philippines

For the last 24 hours we have been serving the ultra poor in Kalibo in the Phillipines with one of my clients, International Care Ministry. It has been overwhelming for all of us.

ICM works with ultra poor, folks who live on .50 cents per day or less. They have developed a training program that works through local pastors to serve these folks and they have 3 parts of their training:
On the first day here in Kalibo we visited the training for the pastors and then visited some homes of people ICM served.

We then got to meet some of the kids that they work with and are a part of the ICM choir. They are amazing!

On the second day we went and did the training on health and livelihood.

Wendy taught on colds and preventing the spread of germs and I taught on the concept of a savings group. We elected officers. It was really cool how it worked. Afterwards we went and installed hand washing stations at two houses. 

The whole experience in the Philippines was overwhelming and amazing. Very humbling.

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