July 22, 2022

Mabula in Bela-Bela

We flew all night from Cairo to Johannesburg. We slept in the plane, woke up, rented a car and drove two hours to Bela-Bela to the Mabula reserve.
Three giraffes greeted us as soon as we got there.
We had a beautiful lunch and then Brad and Jack worked on Algebra.
Max viewing animals in our hut.
Then we piled in the jeep for a safari.
A crocodile sunning himself in the road.
Our safari guide, Tian. You can see the rhinos in the background.
We saw a herd of water buffalos.
A jackal
We got to see a rare sighting of fourAfrican painted dogs devouring an impala.
We stopped and had drinks and enjoyed the wonderful sunset.
It is winter in Southern Africa. Tonight it will be in the 40s. Quite a change from Cairo where temperatures hit triple digits.

We had a splendid dinner and then Brad and Jack studied more Algebra. Jack has been taking tests and getting A’s. Jack has to have live zoom meetings with his teacher which has been challenging since we have been changing countries and time zones, but Jack has been excelling!

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