July 6, 2022


We woke up this morning and headed to the Utah Beach Landing Museum. When I was in college my roommate, Kelly, had a picture of her grandmother who looked exactly like Kelly in our dorm room. When we were at the museum today I saw an article about Kelly’s grandmother, Josephine Rice.

Kellys mom, Ellen Gee, wrote a book about her and you can buy it on Amazon.
Here is the article in Life magazine that is showcased in the museum.

We toured the museum, went inside the barracks and walked along the beach. I was expecting to be really depressed but I wasn’t. It was a beautiful day, the birds were chirping and there were flowers and butterflies everywhere. The barracks that the Nazis built has been turned into a museum of how when we pull together we can beat the biggest bullies on the planet! Very inspiring considering what is currently going on in Ukraine.

A shell I found on Utah Beach. (Don’t worry, I put it back).
Sydney on one of the amphibious vehicles. A guy named Higgins created it and people say it is what won the war.
Church in

We went to the church in Saint-Marie-du-Mont, the church where the paratrooper landed during WW2. They reenact this in the movies “The longest day” and “Band of brothers.” We saw the confessionals where the German soldiers hid.

Mont Saint-Michel

We drove an hour and a half to Mont Saint-Michel and walked the mile and a half over the bridge. So beautiful. Another perfect weather day!

Walking up the stairs to the monastery.

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