July 9, 2022

Going to CS Lewis’s House in Oxford

The Kilns

We woke up early and headed to Oxford for we had an appointment to go see C.S. Lewis’s house, the Kilns.

We entered the garden and Tyson, who lives there, told us all about how C.S. Lewis (Jack) had a friend, “Paddy Moore,” during WW1 and they promised to take care of each other’s families if either one of them should die. Jacks friend died so Jack bought this house and lived there with Paddy’s sister and mother. When Jack married Joy his brother Warren also moved in. Quite a full house!
Dakota in front of the attic where the “wardrobe that led to Narnia” is.
Lots of wardrobes in this house.
This is the room where C.S. Lewis died. I like to think it’s where he went from one world to the next.
After touring the house we went out back and explored outside. We found this WW2 bomb shelter.
Felt a little bit like Narnia getting to walk the trails that may have inspired the books.
We headed to Holy Trinity Church where C.S. Lewis attended church and is buried.
Brad and Dakota at C.S. Lewis’s grave.
Max seated where C.S. Lewis would sit. There is a little plaque.
Inside the church there is a window that is dedicated to him.
We explored Oxford College!
We shopped at Blackwell Bookstore.
Brad and Dakota went to play tennis while Wendy, Max, Jack, and Sydney explored the city.
Dakota won, 4-3

We all met up in Oxford and headed back to the hotel to get rest for the next day.

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    Loves those pictures thank you for sharing

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