July 16, 2022

Paragliding in Zermatt

We woke up early but no time for breakfast. We headed outside for an adventure.
We met up with the paragliders and walked to catch the gondola for paragliding!!
Dakota is all ready!
We suited up in the gondola.
It was amazing!!
We flew through the air, all six of us.
The views were incredible! A once in a lifetime experience!
After paragliding we did a 1.2 mile hike straight up the mountain and had a snack at Edelweiss.
Edelweiss, a hotel/restaurant on the side of the mountain.
The views on the hike did not disappoint.
We decided to eat dinner in. Jack and I walked to the grocery and Jack carried all the groceries back to the condo. He is a gem.
After dinner, Brad tutored Jack in Algebra. Jack is now more than halfway through! Hallelujah!

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