July 14, 2022

Picturesque Prague

The morning started with fluffy pancakes and we were on our way to meet our guide to see Prague.
Jack “loves” to be photographed first thing in the morning
Christian, our guide, showed us all around Prague for hours. It was a great deal of information. I felt as though I was drinking from a firehose.
This is the Jewish temple. Christian said that Prague is beautiful because it is a perfect mixture of Czech, German, and Jewish.
Sydney plays for all at the Nove Mestro
Christian showed us all the different types of architecture in Prague. This building is an example of Brutalism.
As mentioned before, the art in Prague is interesting. This ever moving statue cost 1 million dollars.
The artist, David Cerny, created much of the artwork in Prague, including these “babies.”
The Wallenstein Palace.
It’s hard to believe that just over thirty years ago Prague was under communist control. Pictured here is a tribute to the Velvet Revolution where many young students and older dissidents had peaceful protests.

Malá Strana. During the 80s John Lennon symbolized freedom. this is a wall where people feel free to express themselves.
After Christian’s tour we roamed the city and bought Old Czech Chimney cakes that were stuffed with strawberries, chocolate, and cream. So delicious, but a relatively new delicacy to Prague.

After walking, we all went back to the hotel. Max and Wendy ventured out to do laundry and Brad and Dakota found a court to play tennis. Sydney rested and Jack worked on Algebra.

We all met back up and took two Ubers to the Prague castle. Prague gets even more beautiful as the day goes on. Pictured here is the Katedrála Svatého Vita.
Exploring the Prague Castle.
We had pizza at Malá Strana.
We walked back to our hotel soaking in all the sights.
Moon over the Charles bridge.

We wish we had more time in Prague! It is so beautiful and full of every type of architecture. Prague is a place we would all love to come back to.

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