July 20, 2022

Snow Skiing in the Sahara

Wednesday morning started with breakfast and then a tour guide met us at the hotel to take us to the The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, known commonly as the Egyptian Museum or the Cairo Museum.

Sydney and Jack outside the Egyptian museum.
Our guide was extremely knowledgeable. He said it would take us nine months to look at every artifact.
It is very hot, even inside the museum.
Wooden statue of a common priest. His eyes look so real.
It feels like the eyes were watching you. Can you imagine being an explorer and finding this statue by candlelight with these eyes staring back at you?
So many mummies and we wondered how they were surviving in this heat.

When they reopened the museum after being closed for Covid they decided to allow people to take pictures.

We felt privileged to be able to learn and take photos.

Sydney and Wendy ate at the TGIFs while watching the rest of the family ski.

We all went back to the hotel and got ready for bed.

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