July 26, 2022

We love Sydney!

We woke up and had breakfast at the Park Hyatt. Then we took a walk through the gardens.

Breakfast overlooking the Sydney harbor.
It’s winter here but Jack still balances everything.
The water is so clear.
The Sydney bridge.
The plants are tropical and the birds are so different here.
Jack overlooking the water.
It’s so sweet when the kids get along.
Brad and Jack ever vigilant in working on Algebra.
We went to the Sydney Opera house to see “Madama Butterfly.”
It was our first opera and everyone enjoyed it.

We then walked back to the hotel. Jack worked on Algebra. We have to get to bed early because tomorrow morning Brad has a zoom board meeting, Jack has a verbal Algebra zoom call with his virtual teacher, and Wendy has a zoom condo meeting. It is interesting navigating the different times zones.

It was fabulous to see an opera at the Sydney Opera house. It is probably our favorite building on the planet.

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