July 11, 2018

What I've learned after two weeks in an RV…

We are two weeks into our five week RV trip and this is what I’ve learned about RVing so far:
  1. Always make sure the parking break is off the car that you are towing, it can really slow you down. 
  2. Don’t have the air conditioner at 70 degrees when it’s 99 degrees outside, run the toaster, coffeemaker, and electric skillet all at the same time. It blows a fuse. 
  3. An RV+PMS=chaos, plus all of the chocolate for S’mores disappearing (sorry kids)!
  4. Never, ever, ever open the fridge when you are rounding a turn while the RV is moving! We did this twice which caused a river of maple syrup to run down the inside of our RV at Yellowstone and a waterfall of chili and milk in the Grand Tetons!
  5. Pyrex cups are awesome! You can use them as bowls and they fit great into cup holders. 
  6. Always bring in your awning when you are not using it. Don’t leave it out at night. Ours was almost ripped off by a windstorm at 2am in South Dakota.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like those are good life lessons! Glad you all are having fun! See you in a few days 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Smart campers!

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