Month: December 2016

December 31, 2016 Family Update

Last run of 2016

I went for a 6 mile run today in Ireland. The road was a two lane road that was really the width of a one way road. Cars went about 60 miles per hornon it. Wendy said to me as I left the house… please don’t die. I didn’t die, but I get like I…

December 31, 2016 Family Update

Blarney Castle

We went to the famous Blarney Castle. The tour books called this the cheesiest tourist attraction in Ireland, so of course we loved it. The thing to do is go kiss the Blatney stone— it is supposed to make you “elequent.” Max did it, I got close to it, but decided not to kiss it…

December 30, 2016 Family Update

Christmas in Killarney

Bing Crosby sings a song called “Christmas in Killarney” that you can hear on YouTube.  We enjoyed our visit to Killarney. We toured the outside of The Ross Castle, saw a huge swan and enjoyed exploring the Killarney National Park. The highlight was the waterfall… We ended the evening at a pub. Ear the park….

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