Month: July 2022

July 31, 2022 Family Update

Great to be back in America

We woke up pretty early and went to breakfast at 7 AM and then we piled it to the Honda Odyssey we rented and went to the Honolulu flea market. We then spent the afternoon doing various wonderful things at Waikiki Beach including going to the ocean, doing math, playing tennis and going to the…

July 30, 2022 Family Update

Freaky Friday

We started the day in Sydney Australia. Brad had a call at 5 AM with a client. After his client called he did his weekly half marathon A few days early because this will be the last day we are in “winter.” The weather was in the 40’s for his run. After getting up and…

July 26, 2022 Family Update

We love Sydney!

We woke up and had breakfast at the Park Hyatt. Then we took a walk through the gardens. We then walked back to the hotel. Jack worked on Algebra. We have to get to bed early because tomorrow morning Brad has a zoom board meeting, Jack has a verbal Algebra zoom call with his virtual…

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