Month: June 2022

June 30, 2022 Family Update

Disneyland Paris

Brad got up early to do his work and exercise and the rest of the family slept till noon. They only got up because Brad woke them up. Brad and Jack did their math and the rest of the family slowly got ready. We left the hotel at the crack of 3 PM to head…

June 29, 2022 Family Update

Majestic Paris!

When we woke up this morning, we were in Paris! We were very tired after our red eye but very excited to see Paris! After checking into the Hyatt Place and relaxing a bit, we all got on to train. Brad and Jack got off to get the Mercedes’ camper van that we will use…

June 28, 2022 Family Update

Leaving Rio, on to Paris

On her last day in Rio we mostly stayed at the hotel and tried to relax and enjoy the beautiful hotel and weather. It was about 70° and sunny. We started the day by having the breakfast buffet. Then Dakota and Brad went out on the adventure to find tennis courts. We found very nice…

June 27, 2022 Family Update

Angra dos Rios

We woke up and went down stairs for breakfast without Brad as he was swimming laps in the pool. The water was super cold so when he met up with us a breakfast he was shivering so much the food would not stay on his fork. After breakfast we headed off for our boat trip…

June 26, 2022 Family Update

Sabbath in Rio

Today was a normal day in that crowd got up and ran a half marathon before church. The run that he went on was amazing as he ran along the ocean the entire time After Brad‘s run everyone woke up and went to breakfast. It was an amazing breakfast with all sorts of exotic fruit….

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